The Jobi Story

JOBI POTTERY was founded in 1953 in the tiny town of Truro, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts by Joe Colliano and Bill Hastings, known as ‘The Jobis’. The shop was located near the Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse in a converted hot dog stand.

When the Cape Cod National Seashore was created in the late 1960’s, the Jobis moved their shop to North Truro and eventually sold the business to Lee and Elizabeth Locke, who ran Truro Crafters until it closed in 2002.

Each owner has put their own distinctive mark on Jobi Pottery. The Jobis created the traditional designs, the Lockes added a blue lighthouse and seagull design. Susan Kurtzman, who restarted the business in 2003, has continued to create the traditional Jobi designs while adding new colors and new designs each year.

“Keeping it Local, and keeping it handmade.”

Jobi Pottery is committed to keeping it local, and keeping it hand made. Each piece is created on the premises, painted freehand and fired in our pottery barn.

Jobi Pottery has long been a collectible for those who travel to the Outer Cape and is also finding new popularity with those who are drawn to its retro look, bright colors and everyday practicality.

Jobi™ Pottery is a trademarked name of our distinctive line of pottery. Each and every design is copyrighted by Jobi™ Pottery and Susan G. Kurtzman.

We are proud to be a woman-owned business. Our pottery is “Made in America” by local Cape Codders.

Jobi History