Robert Callahan

“SMALL REFLECTIONS by Robert Callahan”

Miniature landscapes on antique ivory piano keys

Robert Callahan established himself as a leader in the world of miniatures early on in his career. Fashioning one inch scale reproductions of period furniture and accessories his work was featured in numerous publications including LIFE magazine. Recognized by collectors and museums for his precise detail his work was added to many collections around the world.

Robert’s recent work pays homage to those early years by painting miniature landscapes of New England on antique ivory piano keys. Using scrimshaw, the traditional maritime art form, Robert creates fine details in the work. He then painstakingly watercolors the sky, seas and sands of New England that he calls home. Each work is unique as the “grain” in the ivory reflects thru the paint. These miniature works of art draw the observer in to them to take a closer look, just as nature draws us to it.

Robert’s one-of-a-kind collection for Jobi Pottery and Truro Fine Art are miniature landscapes painted on Jobi Pottery. These collectible pieces along with Robert’s driftwood furniture and small reflections scrimshaw are on display.