JOBI POTTERY was founded in 1953 in the tiny town of Truro, on Cape Cod... by Joe Colliano and Bill Hastings, known as 'The Jobis'.

Jobi™ Pottery

Jobi Pottery dinnerware, mugs, clocks and other unique shapes come in many patterns and colors. Here’s just a sample of what you can find in our store…

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Click here to view the full article Through a synchronistic turn of events, Susan Kurtzman, returned to her youthful passion of pottery and design. As the owner of Jobi™ Pottery, a Cape Cod cottage industry, Kurtzman carries on the tradition of hand made, hand painted pottery begun by the...

Cape Arts Review – The Art Scene at Depot Road

Click here to view the full article TAKE A DRIVE DOWN Depot Road in the center of Truro and it’s like going back 100 years in time. There are more trees now and fewer farms, but it still has some of the most historic homes in town. Surprisingly, this...

The Jobi Story

Jobi™ Pottery is a Truro cottage industry that began in 1953 by original owners Joe Colliano and Bill Hastings (“Jo-bi”).  Today, owner/designer Susan Kurtzman still uses the original mid-century casting molds to create Jobi Pottery in her Truro studio.

Every piece of pottery and pottery dinnerware is handmade and hand painted using the same methods the Jobis created.  The retro look of our pottery shapes and designs can be traced back to Cape Cod-inspired work by Joe and Bill, but we’ve also added new colors and motifs to compliment the originals.

The pottery continues to be hand made in our Truro, Cape Cod studio and can be purchased online through our shopping cart and at the MANY convenient locations listed on the WHERE TO BUY page.

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The Jobi Collectors

September 4, 2008 |

April 28, 2010, Dave Grunwald, New Jersey

The ‘older guy’ with the hat is our father, Chester and the boys are my brothers Kevin and Mitchell. When we started coming up to Truro in the early 60’s we’d pitch a tent at Horton’s Campground, something that my mother just loved. Fortunately, our family became friends with some of the other camping families who had made Truro’s acquaintance long before our first visit. They showed us around the area; particularly The Jobi Shop, Highland Light, Longnook and the Highland House. As I recall, the Highland house was still operating in the early 60’s with dancing and a bar on the first floor. The camping parents frequented the place leaving us kids to...

August 5, 2008 |

May 1, 2010 – Lisa Varandas, New Jersey

Every summer I visit Truro and get a new piece of Jobi Pottery for my kitchen. I’ve been collecting Jobi Pottery for many...

August 5, 2008 |

May 6, 2010 – Marny Rosenfeld, Phoenix, AZ

My friend Ellen lives on Cape Cod and visited my cousin Susie at Jobi Pottery. She sent me this AWESOME T-shirt! I miss you all. I hope to visit...

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